Daniel Castillo S.

Daniel Castillo S.

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First Name * Daniel
Last Name * Castillo S.
Username * shy-guy
Country * Venezuela
City Maracaibo
Nationality Venezuelan
Languages EnglishSpanish


Current Position Designer
Areas of Expertise AdvertistingGraphic DesignPost ProductionTelevison
Preferred Tools DesignAnimationModelingEditing3ds maxAfter EffectsPhotoshopPremiereFreeHand


Availability: Freelance


Well, im not sure what to put in here...

I love my career, i spend most of the time doing animations,videos,vectorizations,3d models,drawings and stuff like that, it´s my life. Regarding my area of expertise, i consider myself something of a "jack of all trades", or im trying to be one.

I enjoy learning new things, and being capable of make projects that requires different kinds of abilities and doing them myself ( to a certain extent of course). Maybe in the future, i´ll find the right thing for me and start to specialize in that. Oh, im also a very big fan of movies.


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